Self-Study: Who Am I? (Part 1)

“Who are you God, and who am I?” – St Francis of Assisi

I would like to share a poem written by a fifth grade girl that I know well and who brings joy and wonderment to my life. She requested that I use her nickname, Shadow.

Who Am I?                      

” I was brought into this world wondering why I’m here.

I was brought into this world wondering who I was.

‘Shadow, Shadow, Shadow,’ someone called.

They were my parents.

I reacted and slowly crawled towards them.

And to this day I’m still wondering,

Who am I?

Why am I here?”        -by Shadow, fifth grade

 For further inquiry:

Week One. Reflect on this poem written by a fifth grader. Are these questions you ask yourself? If not, what questions occupy your mind?

Week Two.  Write your own poem entitled: Who Am I?

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