Root Down
 Deborah Adele is an engaging, lively, and thought-provoking speaker who is not afraid to share stories from her own years of living and learning. She facilitates thoughtful and tangible ways of showing up to life in new ways, leaving participants with a dynamic combination of hope, inspiration, and practical knowledge. 


The Yamas & Niyamas:  A Tool for Moral Imagination and Social Healing

Where Are We Now? (2.5)

Ancient yogic texts speak about times like this: times of despair, suffering, fear, violence, corruption, and lies. They also speak of how to live in these times in a way that makes a difference not only in our own lives, but in the lives of others. In this workshop we will explore these yogic concepts in light of our own experience.

The Yamas: “Can You Just Stop Making Things Worse then They Are?”  (2.5)

With the events of today, we are encountering a new level of challenge. It is imperative that we grow ourselves up to meet these challenges. But how to do this? The yamas, when understood as a conversation with our life in the context of the world we live in, grow us into deeper skill and discernment of right action. In this workshop, we’ll explore how this happens.

The Niyamas: New Habits for the Mind (2.5)

The niyamas are an invitation to cultivate the finer qualities of being for the mind and heart. They teach the mind and heart to love tranquility and harmony. They bring out the inner powers of benevolence, fearlessness, and compassion. It is from here that we are able to act in the world with unstoppable clarity and courage.

Your Mind on Meditation (2.5)

Meditation is not only the heart of the yoga practice, but it is a practice where we learn to cooperate with the deeper truth of our heart. Let’s explore why this is true, what is happening to the body, breath, and mind as we meditate, and what is unleashed within us that makes us a different people.

The Mind:  Where Entanglement and Freedom Meet  (2.5)

Current research confirms what yoga has understood for centuries:  the mind is the key to suffering and to freedom. Left to ourselves, we become entangled in habits and thoughts  that lead to unhappiness.  In this workshop we will explore yoga’s profound understanding of the mind, it’s search for happiness in the wrong places, and the practices that turn the mind towards the joy and fulfillment we long for.

All workshops include lecture and discussion; some gentle practice.


PRIVATE CONSULTATIONS   [currently unavailable]

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