Deborah Adele bio picThese are interesting times to be alive and they require nothing less of us than our deepest courage, creative imagination, and steadfast engagement. How can we let the wisdom of ancient spiritual truths guide our everyday modern lives? And what might it mean for each of us to show up to the full possibility and challenge of our own unique life?
Using the depths of spiritual teaching and the ordinary events of daily living, this site explores what it means to show up more fully to our life.


“I have just finished reading the Yamas and Niyamas for what may be the fifth time. I read your book daily and have found much inspiration and direction in your book. It is so useful and inspirational. I have given it to several of my friends hoping they too will find the gifts inside your words. I really appreciate your book and wish to thank you for your lovely message which is so important. I cannot say enough good about your work and say thank you.” – Jill Hansen

“Your talk this weekend was inspiring.  Your understanding of the ancient texts has already lent new depth to my practice and life.  I’m a reader and so have read my fair share of the ancient texts, but now I want to reread them all in light of the insight you’ve provided.”  -Bryan Shelly, Ambassador for Project Yoga Richmond -ProjectYogaRichmond.org

Our staff and community are quite the fans of your book … in fact we use it as the basis of our staff culture and to nominate our Yogi of the Month.”  –Pattie Wagner, Release Yoga, Akron OH -ReleaseYoga.com

“Your clear, personal, and wonderfully poetic offerings will inspire me personally and in terms of what I offer in my classes for years to come.  I cannot thank you enough for the energy you put into this offering.”  -Joe Kara, Yoga Instructor, Los Angeles CA -JoeKaraYoga.com