The “Next Year” Syndrome

I’ve been paying extra attention to my thoughts lately.  Sure enough, the “January 1st syndrome” is back for another year.  This syndrome comprises all the future promises I am making to myself, which are really excuses for not paying attention to my life this month.  These thoughts go something like: “On January 1stthings are going to be different, so why not enjoy this month?”  No wonder promises like this don’t last long!

Futures are built on the foundation of todays.  The year 2024 is erected on the year 2023.  How we enter a new year is shaped by how we end the year preceding it.  Eating for balance and vitality does not magically come from a month of indulgence and excess; it comes from the intention and practice of eating for balance and vitality.  The same for movement.  The same for our minds.  A peaceful mind doesn’t come from allowing our minds to be chaotic during the holiday season; it comes from being at ease in the hustle.  

Yoga has taught me many things, but this is one of the most valuable.  The core of us is always being shaped by what we think, say, and do in this moment and the next.  And no matter how small the effort, it matters.  For yoga, a life lived in balance, a mind that is peaceful, and a heart that is kind are the ultimate treasures we could possess.  Every moment we are choosing to move closer to these treasures or farther away from them. 

Whether this season finds you in grief, loss, hardship, excess, chaos, contentment, or joy, I wish you these treasured gifts of yoga – the vitality of a balanced life/the peace of a tranquil mind/the joy and gratitude of a kind heart.  

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