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The Voices in my Head

I was in the laundromat the other day washing a bedspread.  The place was quiet.  As my eyes scanned the remodeling project in process, a sticker on the coin machine caught my eye.  On the sticker was a cartoonish character with a big … Continue reading

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Where Have I Been?

It’s been a long time since I posted; where have I been? The crux of my absence revolves around a bad fall I had while hiking.  Just like that the life I was living came to a halt. Was life trying … Continue reading

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Falling Apart Together

Just like that, the ground has shifted under our feet.  Things are “falling apart.”  It is easy to seek people to blame.  It is easy to seek a narrative that makes sense of it all.  Yet the unraveling is just beginning; it is … Continue reading

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Make Goodness Attractive

I love to watch movies with superheroes and heroines.  No matter how desperate things get, nothing is required of me.  Someone with super powers will come along and save me, along with the rest of the planet. Unlike superheroes who … Continue reading

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On Dying

My father died 2 weeks ago. He not only had his will, his wishes, and his belongings in order, he also had his heart and soul in order.  He was ready to accept what life brought and to accept death … Continue reading

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Meet Fred Pusher

I have noticed lately how often people use the word busy or talk about how much they have to do. Busy has almost replaced the word “fine”, when responding to the question, “How are you?” Even my 3-yr-old granddaughter felt compelled … Continue reading

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How My Practice Evolved After My Osteoporosis Diagnosis

This article written by Deborah Adele first appeared in Yoga Internatiional 7.10.18 After the 2015 publication of my article “Living in Brittle Bones: My Life as a Yoga Teacher With Osteoporosis,”I was greatly surprised by the response I received. It … Continue reading

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Daily Time Outs

I was recently playing with my 3-year-old granddaughter when she got overly excited and broke some rules.  Her mother immediately put her in a 5-minute time out. Upon being released from her time out, she confidently ran back to play … Continue reading

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