Author name: Deborah Adele


I made two daily time commitments for this month of silence. The first was to make the short outdoor hike to the meditation hall for a sunrise fire. The second commitment was to repeat this process at sunset. Morning and evening, sunrise and sunset, fire and meditation; this was the rhythm that contained and created […]

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Love or Fear?

When my son practiced as a chiropractor, he had a big bowl of wooden coins that he handed out to his patients. On one side of the coin was written love; on the other fear. The hope was that his patients would carry this coin in their pockets and remember that love or fear was

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Slow and Simple

Being a great fan of Robert Svoboda and his teachings of Ayurvedic life principles, I have taken to heart and to practice his wisdom. As I have watched myself get continually captured by the speed and complexity of our culture, I hear his words in my head: slow and simple. Ayurveda is about balance. And

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