The Power of the Slowing

I am back from a month of silence and find myself wanting to write something that is profound and inspirational……but I have nothing to say. When people ask me how my time was, all I can muster up is “wonderful” or “exquisite”. It was a month spent in a wordless place and I can’t find words to talk about it.

I thought about writing something like, “If you really want to know about my time, ask me with your soul, and my soul will tell you all about it while we sit together in silence.” But that sounded really corny.

The closest I can come is to borrow Gerald May’s observations in his book The Wisdom of the Wilderness, where he speaks about the Power of the Slowing that he experienced in his solo treks into the woods. That is the truth of my time. I experienced the Power of the Slowing and it was profound. custom essay writing company

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