The Perfect Engagement

Somatics Education is finding its place around the country. This practice of slow, conscious movement is one of the truest practices to experiment with the concept of “less is more”. Somatics Education has invited me to re-think relaxation. For most of us, relaxation is the opposite of what we do the rest of the day.

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Balance and the Beach

I looked “balance” up in the dictionary and noticed the words that followed. There is balance beam, balance control, balanced diet, balanced fund, balanced line, balanced rudder, balanced sentence, balanced step, balanced ticket, balanced valve, balance lug, balance of nature, balance of payments, balance of power, balance of terror, and balance of trade. This afternoon

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Two Kinds of Lazy

I recently heard a story about a teacher who was instructing on laziness. He proceeded to tell his students that there are 2 kinds of lazy. One is the kind where a person just sits around doing nothing. The other, more serious form of laziness, is the kind where one moves at a frantic pace

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For those of you who were at the informational meeting on the upcoming trip to India, our guest was ½ hour late. It was a strange occurrence, as she gave herself 4 hours to arrive from the cities (getting stuck in downpours of rain and construction) and reported to me later that she is never

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Love or Fear?

When my son practiced as a chiropractor, he had a big bowl of wooden coins that he handed out to his patients. On one side of the coin was written love; on the other fear. The hope was that his patients would carry this coin in their pockets and remember that love or fear was

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