Two Kinds of Lazy

I recently heard a story about a teacher who was instructing on laziness. He proceeded to tell his students that there are 2 kinds of lazy. One is the kind where a person just sits around doing nothing. The other, more serious form of laziness, is the kind where one moves at a frantic pace from dawn to dusk. What an interesting concept to think of oneself as severely lazy because one is moving at such an intense, frantic pace accomplishing so much!

The story captured my attention and formed a serious question in my mind: If the pace of my life labels me as the second kind of lazy, then what am I being lazy in regards to? What is the teacher of this story trying to convey?

There are many ways to not show up to our life; after all showing up to our potential, to reality as it comes to us, to what might be asked of us, is a scary thing. Sitting and doing nothing is one way to avoid our life. Being busy doing tasks that we can wear as a badge of accomplishment is another way to avoid our lives.

But following our truth, getting quiet and still enough to listen to the call of our own soul…now that is the real work of our lives.

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