Bliss and Blisters

If you are going to follow your bliss, you will also wind up following your blisters. –Michael Meade

I love the sound of the word bliss. It makes me think of clouds and playfulness and being happy and carefree and oh, so contented. Blisters, however, is something I like to avoid. But I know from long backpacking trips, that they are sometimes unavoidable.

The road to bliss is hard work. Joseph Campbell, famous for developing the phrase “follow your bliss”, put his life behind his words. He lived in a chicken coop at the beginning of his career so that he could pursue his love of myth. I mean, really, think about it, a chicken coop!

Perhaps bliss gets missed by us so often because we aren’t willing to pay the price. We are too busy avoiding the pain and inconvenience of blisters.

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