For those of you who were at the informational meeting on the upcoming trip to India, our guest was ½ hour late. It was a strange occurrence, as she gave herself 4 hours to arrive from the cities (getting stuck in downpours of rain and construction) and reported to me later that she is never late.

What amazed me when she arrived was her full trust that something beyond human knowing had constructed her lateness and all was perfect. Her belief in this truth, allowed her to walk into Yoga North with grace and centeredness and share with us as if everything was in its perfect ordering.

Later when I walked the beach with her, I was taken with her full conviction in the timing of things. That there is a power that has a plan and all is very well. I breathed a deep sigh of sweetness and surrender from her deep conviction. I have since watched my days unfold with things seeming to be off kilter, only to stop and smile and remember that perhaps there is a more perfect timing than mine and a deeper reason for everything.

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