The Perfect Engagement

Somatics Education is finding its place around the country. This practice of slow, conscious movement is one of the truest practices to experiment with the concept of “less is more”.

Somatics Education has invited me to re-think relaxation. For most of us, relaxation is the opposite of what we do the rest of the day. This creates a yo-yo effect between highly strung and collapsed, and back and forth we go. But relaxation is not collapse and it is not the opposite of anything; it is simply the proper engagement with the moment. It is a 24-7 invitation and opportunity.

Relaxation doesn’t mean that we are not doing anything; it simply means that we are not doing or using more of us than we need to. There is no excess tension anywhere in our body; if it is not needed, it gets to rest. We can be in a highly demanding activity and still be relaxed. That is the beauty of it and what makes relaxation such an art.

Notice your body in this moment. Are you authentically matched to your current activity?

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