Slow and Simple

Being a great fan of Robert Svoboda and his teachings of Ayurvedic life principles, I have taken to heart and to practice his wisdom. As I have watched myself get continually captured by the speed and complexity of our culture, I hear his words in my head: slow and simple.

Ayurveda is about balance. And to find balance is to fill in what is missing in our lives. It means that health and vitality can be found by bringing in a little of the opposite of what we are “overdone” in.

We live in hungry times where complexity and speed seem insatiable. They promise so much, they can look so glamourous, and they can disguise themselves as normal.

The challenge for health and vitality then, is to bring a little slow and simple into the raging force of complexity and speed. It is to make efforts, no matter how small, into what can almost seem boring at first. It is to begin to taste and value the profoundness of simplicty and the steadiness of slow. It is to begin to appreciate the value of less and the gift of ease.

Each choice me make in the direction of slow and simple moves us towards a greater vitality, authenticty, and deeper joy. Can we encourage balance in our lives with a little different pace and a little less need to do and have so much?

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