Falling Apart Together

Just like that, the ground has shifted under our feet.  Things are “falling apart.”  It is easy to seek people to blame.  It is easy to seek a narrative that makes sense of it all. 

Yet the unraveling is just beginning; it is too soon to ask questions whose answers are yet to be revealed and understood.  We do not know how many of us will die.  We do not know the economic outcome.  We do not know what relief packages our political leaders will pass into law.  We do not know what miracle cures will be discovered.  We do not know.  

But who we are right now, in this falling apart of things, will shape what is to come. Each one of us is more powerful than we ever could have imagined.  The thoughts we entertain, the use of our imaginations to build apocalypse or utopia, the capacity of our creativity to build something new out of the ashes of our failures, our choices to hoard or to share, to withdraw or to reach out, to break down or to break open….these are already determining what will be and how we will live into it.

We are falling apart together, but we are also laying the foundation for what will come.

Someday history will put all of this in context; it will weave together the causes and the outcome of these times and tell posterity how we did.  What will it write about us?

7 thoughts on “Falling Apart Together”

  1. I find that my day is balanced between focusing on the “now” and it’s positives, and working towards the survival of my business. Even with that, I focus on what I can achieve today. And I’m gentle with myself and others. We need each other now more than ever. Stay true to yourself, friends. How we handle this moment in history will define us as a culture for decades to come. I have faith that we can build a more positive world, together.

  2. So beautifully written Deb. Once again your frame and reframe simultaneously soothes and inspires. Thank you for your voice!

  3. Gabriel A. Granados

    Its hard to wake those convinced they are awake; harder to wake those pretending to be asleep…and though the dreamers of day are dangerous…lucid dreamers and weavers seem to resonate now. As long as we have the courage to seek wisdom and understand power, there is hope. Just need to find those singing the same song. Crazy random happenstances like stumbling upon your work while quoting Lawrence of Arabia, seem to lead to better understanding as if by design. Thank You.

    1. Deborah Adele

      I appreciate your words. Thank you for contributing to this conversation with wisdom and insight.

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