Happy Guru Purnima

Guru:  that which brings understanding to our ignorance.

Found:  in a child’s wonder, a teacher’s guidance, an inspirational reading, a friend’s empathy, an embodied person, the teacher within….

The Guru is the hidden force in a poem, a person, a gaze, or a conversation that lifts our spirits, inspires us to be greater than we are, gives guidance to our confusion, dispels our delusions, lifts us from despair, and opens our eyes to wonder and our hearts to our neighbor.  If we listen, we can hear this force nudging us towards clarity and growth.

Guru Purnima happens once a year on the full moon in July.  It is the day that yogis set aside to honor and remember that we are being guided, goaded, and graced with a loving presence that works through many mediums to constantly dispel our veil of ignorance.   And it is a day to recommit to the discipline and diligence needed to hear and respond to this force as it guides us to the boundaries of our own human possibility.

Happy Guru Purnima

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