Infinite Potential

The philosopher Thomas Hanna spent his life pursuing an answer to the question, “What does it mean to be a fully realized human being; what does it mean to be free?” In his quest, he studied philosophy, sociology, history, and finally neurology. Hanna called human freedom “somatics” and is responsible for putting that word into the culture.

Many of us are seeking freedom and enlightenment, but I wonder if we have asked ourselves what we mean by freedom. For instance, sometimes I say I want to be free, but what I really want is for my life to feel easier. Sometimes I want to escape from life, rather than pursue what it might mean to explore the depths of myself.

We, as human beings, are wired for infinite potential. Perhaps it might serve us to contemplate what this means for our lives and to get deeply curious about what it means to be a realized human being.

I find it an exciting possibility.

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