Learning to Love Purity (Part 2)

I am writing at a time when in my country Charlottesville has just happened and the rare eclipse of the sun is about to happen. We are asking ourselves deep questions about the hatred and “isms” that seem so prevalent. At the same time we are being swept into one of the mysteries of the universe. It is a reflective time for most of us.

I remember several years ago when my heart felt heavy like it often does when I hear the news. I was suffering what for me had been an experience of betrayal that left a bitter taste in my heart. Try as I did, the taste didn’t go away; the heaviness of my heart continued to burden me.

Then I found myself in the presence of a wise, holy teacher. When I embarrassingly asked him how to get rid of the bitterness in my heart, he replied with gentle eyes and compassionate voice, “Give it all to the Divine, just keep giving it to the Divine.” What followed for me was a purification process that left my heart light and free. In these times, I find myself returning vigorously to this practice.

Week One. This week, every time your heart feels heavy with fear, unrest, judgment, or resentment, give it to the Divine mystery. Let the Divine slowly purify your heart until all that is left is compassion and joy.

Week Two. This week spend time with the Beloved, as the mystics call this force. Live in constant awareness of the compassionate, loving presence that moves the world and everything in it. Let this awareness be what fills your heart.

Ultimately purity is not about us, it is about the creator and mover of each of us. We acquire a taste for purity as we spend more time with this presence and we find that holding on to anything else begins to pale in comparison. And, from this place, we learn to trust what we do not understand, and to see clearly the courageous actions being asked of us in these troubling times.

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