Meditation and Rabbit Holes; Part 4: Divine

Fourth in a 4-part series.

Divine:  At some point in our meditation practice – maybe today, maybe another life time- we will climb fully into the arms of the divine and take up permanent residence there.  Until that time we will get momentary glimpses of this divine light whose very essence is love- whose very essence we are.   It is for this that we long and it is for this that we practice.

Our practice has cultivated in us stillness of our body-emotion-mind complex.  It has cultivated the courage to see ourselves and our tricks without the need to destroy ourselves or others with berating judgments.   It has cultivated in us the wisdom of neutrality and the ability to “stay established” as things around us fluctuate.  It has moved us to take our marching orders from something deep inside and not need so much of the world’s approval and excess.  It has cultivated in us a compassionate heart that cares about more than itself.

This has all happened because we have practiced keeping ourselves – body, mind, and spirit, in one place for extended periods of time.  We are learning the value of the practice, and it begins to shape us into fuller human beings who  walk around with one foot on the earth and the other in the divine.

For Pondering:

Don’t rush through the holy moments.  Pause , savor, and linger for as long as you can.

Cultivate a mind and heart that relish wonder and simplicity.

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