No One Else is Me


“Mom, do you know what I love about life? Nobody can tell me what to do because no one else is me so they don’t know what I’m capable of.” These words were recently spoken by my 7-year-old niece to her mother. Wow!

We now know that small seeds contain the blueprint for what they are to fully become; an oak seed becomes a giant oak tree and provides shade, a peach seed becomes a peach tree and bears fruit. This is true not only of plants, but for all living things; even a caterpillar’s spine outlines the blueprint for the butterfly it will someday become.

Only humans seem to get confused in their becoming. Only humans believe the limiting conditioning put on them. Only humans believe the messages of advertisers: that there is something missing, something wrong with them. Only humans spend money on “experts” to help them get “fixed”. Only humans forget that there is a unique blueprint within them that comes with a full set of instructions.

Yes, we need the support of others and healing from our trauma. Yes, we need the inspiration of great women and men and the advice of experts. Yes, we need the support of our friends and loved ones. Yes, we need the wisdom of great souls and the teachings of sacred traditions.

But ultimately, only the blueprint inside knows what we are capable of becoming. Whether we know this blueprint as the Holy Spirit or the inner Guru, this guidance is a constant gentle nudging to keep on becoming, if only we will leave ourselves alone long enough to listen.

Do you know what you are capable of?

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