In the middle of winter my thoughts are turning to seeds and what is sitting just below view, ready to burst into its essence with the coming of warmth and sun. Seeds are powerful because they sit “underground” in a state of potentiality, waiting for the right opportunity to sprout.

In the beloved text of the Bhagavad-Gita, Krishna was trying to teach Arjuna about seeds. Krishna taught Arjuna about the 3 energies of the gunas creating the spin of the universe as we know it. Because of the dance of duality within unity, the opposite always sits “underground”, ready to burst forth on the present scene. That is why something that begins with such hope and beauty can grow into something so hugely destructive. It is why in the darkest of times, hints of compassion and courage can burst forth and touch the heart in times when hearts seem hardened.

As we think about our lives, our hopes, what seems right, what seems out of balance, it is good to remember that the seed of the opposite is always hiding beneath what is. It is why there is always hope in the hard times and the potential for harshness where love abounds.

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