Stepping into the New Year

02160914581It’s here again, that time of year when we can easily fall prey to self-judgment, taking a microscope to last year’s failures and idealizing our upcoming superhuman capabilities the moment the clock strikes 12. With goals in hand, we feel a renewed vigor that somehow faded last year.

But wait a minute; this doesn’t make sense. We have begun the journey into the New Year from a place of failure and idealism, two extremes that are neither supportive nor sustainable.

Of course reflections on the past and the future are important. If we don’t honestly look at what kept tripping us up last year it will continue to ambush us; if we don’t truly consider what it is that our heart desires, we will end up living in regret. But there is more…

As 2014 ends and 2015 begins, spend time pondering the wonder of you, of acts of kindness rendered over the past year, of the time you did spend on your yoga mat and meditation cushion, of your growing wisdom from another year of learning, of shared intimacies with friends and family, and of all the grace that found you in these lived moments.

To be grateful for this last year, to be grateful for the coming year, this is more than enough.

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