The Act of Giving Thanks

hands 2Tomorrow I, along with most of the United States, will celebrate Thanksgiving. This holiday is not unique to my country; it is celebrated in Canada, Grenada, Liberia, the Netherlands, Germany, Japan, and other countries in some form of expression of its cultural, religious roots. The intention of setting aside this day is to remember and to give thanks for the abundant harvest of crops, and the many blessings of the past year.

Thanksgiving is the act of giving thanks; it is an overt acknowledgement and expression. It is a heart opener; a balm for soothing the greed and selfishness that finds residence within us. The act of giving thanks has no space for over-indulgence; it is focused on sharing all forms of abundance with the neighbor, friend, or family member who is hungry, lonely or grieving. It is focused on reaching up to the divinity whose love and compassion holds us all.

The act of giving thanks is an act of courage in a world of unrest. It is brave to say thank you. It is brave to risk the melting of our hearts so that hoarding and immobility can’t find us. It is brave to say thank you for what is and for what is possible.

May we all join in the radicalness of an open, grateful heart.

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