As Usual…


The holiday season for many of us is filled with customs. I can remember as a child the yearly Christmas Eve candlelight service. My eyes would fill in wonder as the lights dimmed, the candles were lit, and the congregation sang Silent Night. I remember how grown up I felt when I could hold a lit candle by myself. Then there were other customs of leaving cookies for Santa, and the early morning rush to the tree to open presents. These were the customs, the “as usuals” I waited for every Christmas.

This season of the year is filled with customs; we all have them whatever our faith tradition. Some of these customs we continue to live out each holiday season, others we relive in the memories of our childhood. The customs, the “as usuals”, of our lives are important.

As we begin a New Year, it is easy to focus on the big stuff, but in truth it is the routines, the consistents, the “as usuals” upon which our life is defined and our character sits. As we enter this New Year, what are the “as usuals” that will define your life?

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