Running Hot

The world feels too hot to me. Hot tempers, rash decisions, and revved up speed are warning signs that trouble has found us. Like the gauge in a car warns us when the radiator is over heating, we humans are being warned that the pace we are keeping is non-sustainable and down right destructive.

When the radiator gauge indicates overheating, the sensible thing to do is to pull over to the side of the road and turn the engine off. Stop and let things cool off so the damage can be assessed. If we choose to keep driving, the car is in grave danger of being totaled or in need of expensive repairs.

Warnings are there for a reason; they protect from further damage. When unheeded, disaster is imminent. We as a world are choosing to ignore the warning lights as we keep driving towards a world of imbalance and suffering. On one hand we have masses of humanity that are homeless and hungry and desperate to survive. On the other hand we have masses of humanity striving for more, desperately trying to amass piles of possessions and achievements.

But where is the place of thriving happening? Where is the place humanity has just enough to live comfortably, spend time in intimate conversation with one another, enjoy the miracle of nature, and create art or craft for the sake of beauty itself? Where is the place humanity can care about the wellbeing of the water, the air, the animals, the trees, and one another?

The question becomes for each of us: are you running too hot? Is the warning light on in your life? Are you caught in the striving? Then show yourself the same courtesy you would show your car; pull over to the side of the road and stop. Cool down. Assess the damage that has been caused by driving yourself too hard. What does your body need? Does your calendar need any repairs? What about your belief system, any tune-ups there? Choose to make the necessary repairs in your own body and life. Then choose to thrive.

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