Astonish Yourself!

fireworksAs the New Year approaches it is easy to find ourselves thinking about the things we “should” do next year.  Our shortcomings become the guiding frame of our New Year’s focus, and our energy goes into efforts at improvement.

What if we did something entirely different this year?  What if, instead of imposing improvement on ourselves, we did something to astonish ourselves? It doesn’t have to be something big or even something that would impress anyone else.  Sometimes the smallest ordinary things are really what our souls are longing for.  Whatever it is, just the thought of it should make our hearts happy and our eyes glow.

My guess is that if we stepped into whatever has been calling us, ordinary or extraordinary; many of the things we fight with and try to improve in ourselves would begin to lose their importance.  Our energy and focus would be used for something much worthier than trying to change ourselves.

So why not astonish yourself this year?

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  1. Mmmm, wonder what I’ll do. It will have something to do with my vision statement.

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