Holding On

For the many years I have been practicing yoga, “letting go” has been a major theme for me. I have carried a deep conviction that yoga is a process of subtraction, not addition. To finally rest in the essence of who we are requires a discipline of letting go of all that stands in the […]

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Return Musings

I am back from India now, and I feel like I should write about my trip; trouble is, I can’t even find words to tell myself about it.  This was my sixth trip to India, and although my idealism regarding India has lessened with each journey, my love for her has increasingly deepened.  I, who

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The town of Khajuraho is home to an exquisitely  built temple complex known for its erotic engravings lining the interior and exterior temple walls.  A tribute to human skill and endeavor, these temples represent the range of human capacity.  The lower levels of artistic engravings display the beastly tendencies and ordinary daily activities of life.

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The Best Laid Plans

If there is one thing India teaches a person, it is how little control one has over life.  In India, the gods laugh at people who make plans.  And I have to admit, I’m one of those people.  I have an ongoing love affair with the illusion of control, and planning plays a large role

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Sacred Grove

It is the day before the auspicious dip into the Ganges River.  Allahabad is electric with excitement.  More people than the human mind can comprehend are gathered to participate.  It is a cacophony of sound; loud speakers everywhere amplifying chants to the divine.  It is the sound of hope and anticipation.  It is an acknowledgement

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Off to India

In less than a week I will begin my two month stay in India.  I will be one of 100 million people who gather for the largest religious festival known, the Kumbha Mela.   What is it that draws that many people to one place at a certain time? Is it hope, hunger, curiosity, adventure… Who

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