It’s hard to miss. Another New Year has called us to social celebration and quiet reflection. We can feel the turning of time and with it the longing for meaningful change. We are in touch with hope, with possibility, and with failure. We are reminded of what might be different or at least a little better in our lives, in our world, in our character. And for most of us, this hope turns into resolutions.

There is much written about how to make resolutions, how to succeed at keeping resolutions, or how to not have any resolutions at all. We forget that there is no right way or even one way to enter the New Year. As much as we read the “how to’s” and the “what’s”, this is OUR life, and we are mortal.

So how do YOU want to spend your one precious life hour after hour, day after day in this New Year? What is important to you? Do you function best with resolutions and goals or without them?  And are they truly your heartfelt resolutions or more “should’s” piled onto your already frantic life?

Perhaps the only loss we may encounter as time turns from old to new, is to forget to reflect, to forget to listen to our own inner wisdom, to forget to notice and to nurture those things that have true value for us.

This year is a gift to each one of us. That we can reflect on the discord between what is and what could be is a gift. That we can nurture what is important to us in our minds and hearts is a gift. That for this moment we are alive is a gift.

How will be enter the New?

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