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  1. Hi I am a student yoga teacher and developing a 10 week plan I decided to look at the yamas and nyhiyamas
    I wondered is there was any particular ananas associated with each of the concepts?

    I have started to develop my teaching plan and love the idea of developing this concept further using meditation and breathing.

    Is this of interest to you? Have you any ideas to share.

    Many thanks I am a student in the British Wheel of Yoga undertakingnmy diploma course in teaching

    1. Hi Sue. I think what you are looking at doing is important. I have been exploring in my personal practice what posture embodies each yama and niyama…I have been finding that to be a rich practice, but I am still in the exploration. I know there are others who are linking certain postures with each y&n. My suggestion is to trust your own exploration and out of that share with your classes. There is no right and wrong.

  2. I love your comment, D.A., since the Y&N are centered on how we perceive ourselves and our environment, would it be useful to practice the same sequence of asanas with the particular Y or N as the focus of intention during the practice ? Then the ability to notice how that intention changes the perception and execution of the practice for the individual and perhaps for the class as a whole would be developed. I would choose a smooth, well rounded, river rock of a sequence.

    1. What a brilliant idea. Should be a very interesting awareness practice. I will be interested to hear what everyone notices.

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