Tapas: the Heat of Self-Discipline (Part I)

“Practice that ignites our inner fire, brings out our inner radiance, and makes us vibrant and energetic is tapas.” -Pandit Rajmani Tigunait

Who of us would not like to have more vibrancy and inner glow? After all, isn’t this the quality that attracts us to others, especially babies of any species? We are drawn irresistibly to this life force that desires to radiate from all of us. This is the source of health, vibrancy, intelligence, joy, and mental acuity.

We would pay top dollar for the qualities of this life force; we would stand in endless lines to purchase this valuable commodity, and yet we spend much of our lives wasting what we have. This waste happens through pushing and propping, through excess and slothfulness, through anger and misplaced excitement, and through a mind that is scattered and dull. Waste also happens through our misunderstanding of what discipline is. When discipline is forced or methodical or done without awareness, our radiance is diminished rather than nourished.

Discipline that is done with awareness, devotion, moderation, gratitude, and surrender nourishes and magnifies our inner radiance and vibrancy.

Questions for exploration:

Week One.  This week notice the places and ways you are attracted to radiance and vibrancy. What do you notice about this precious commodity and the power it has to attract you? What role does discipline play in nourishing this quality?

Week Two.  This week notice the “how” of the discipline you are engaged in. Is it forced and mindless or a treasured opportunity? In what way does the “how” of your practice affect your own inner glow and sense of wellbeing?

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