Contentment, are You Kidding? [Part 2]

We must forgive reality for being what it is. – Richard Rohr [paraphrased]

When we are constantly embracing the moment or fighting against it, we turn this world into a problem to be solved. Think about this. Our constant tactic becomes trying to figure out how to make this moment go the way we want.

When the world becomes a problem to be solved, it no longer exists as something to be experienced, marveled at, or surprised by. Instead it is something to fix and manage in an attempt to experience our own confused version of self-contentment. What a strange way to live.

To “forgive reality for being what it is”, as Richard Rohr suggests, is to embrace the taste of contentment in the midst of discontentment, suffering, and confusion. This is spiritual work.

Questions for inquiry:

Week Three. This week “forgive reality for being what it is”. Forgive others for being who they are. Forgive yourself for being who you are.

Week Four. Notice the ways you approach the world as a problem to be solved. If you let go of trying to fix the world, what is left instead?

2 thoughts on “Contentment, are You Kidding? [Part 2]”

  1. This is awakening! We often torture ourselves and others while believing we are doing everyone a service, including ourselves. The key question is – HOW to break this habit?

    1. I appreciate your comment. I think the fact that we can see that what we think is service is really torture is a brilliant step in itself. Then Patanjali says to cultivate the opposite habit. My understanding is that the key is training the mind for tranquility; a tranquil mind is what allows discernment to see the truth of what we are doing and the strength to practice being truly kind and loving to others. As they say, simple but not easy!

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