The Battle for Power

In the beloved story of the Bhagavad-Gita, a corrupt and narcissistic king sits on the throne. He is selfish and greedy with little concern for the welfare of the people he rules. As a result, everything is out of balance and suffering prevails.

Enter Arjuna, our main character. Arjuna is a warrior, and it has fallen to him during these difficult times to lead a battle against the forces of self-interest in order to restore wellbeing to the whole kingdom.

The whole story takes place on a battlefield. The forces of justice and sustainability lined up against the forces of corruption and greed. The forces for the good of all lined up against the forces for the good of a few at the top. This is Arjuna’s battle to fight and the outcome will be determined by his courage and strength.

These times remind me of this ancient battle. We are witnessing the destruction caused by the forces of greed, selfishness, and denial. We are witnessing the moral failure of many of our leaders and the policies they are endorsing or failing to endorse. We are witnessing the weakness in those of us who have closed our eyes and gone to sleep.

But there is another power at work. It is seen in the image of 7000 pairs of tennis shoes placed on the White House lawn. It is heard in the voices of students who will not be silenced. It is displayed in messages on signs carried by protestors. It is manifested in even the smallest actions, the daily choices, made by each, and every one of us.

Like our story in the Bhagavad Gita, there are two different forces at work, each with its own scenario for the future. And that future is being shaped by each and every one of us in the smallest of ways everyday. It is ours to live now the future we choose.

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    1. Hope, appreciation, seeing what is good and beautiful – these might be the most radical things we can do right now! Thank you for your comment.

  1. Thanks Deborah for being here we need more like you. For your courage and love and all ways remember there is all ways hope. You are not alone.alexander

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