What is Practice For?

If you are anything like me, you keep waiting for your practice to magically make you a better person. But in truth, is this the purpose of practice? And what is a “better person” anyway? At best it is an individual idea of perfection…..which ultimately is sought after only by the ego.

What is practice for, anyway? Perhaps, not to make us better, but to SEE ourselves better. To see clearly what is, what sits in the depths of us. It is the seeing itself which creates the real movement towards a different possibility. It is the seeing itself which allows a deeper compassion, a deeper acceptance, and a deeper humility to emerge. It is the seeing itself which allows us to hold paradox with grace and wonder.

We practice in order to see ourselves, not to change ourselves. “Seeing” is the fruit of our practice. “Seeing” is enough; indeed it is a miracle.

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