I am doing something radical for myself this year – no resolutions. For someone who loves accomplishments and goals, who expects and demands a lot from themselves, entering this New Year without a resolution is both disorienting and provocative.

You see, I have been getting more and more curious about who I really am. And I am finding that it is impossible to know the answer to that question when I impose strict routines and disciplines on myself. Those New Year Resolutions that I make every year only enforce who I think I should be.

What will remain when all that I tend to impose on myself is gone? Am I really a lazy slug at heart? Will I waste the whole year? Am I much different in reality than in expectation? Will I find nuggets of gold that have been hidden under rules? Will I find that I am kinder than I know myself to be?

Without images and impositions, what is left? I hope to find out, or at least see some glimpses, this year.

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  1. Hi Deborah. I was awed reading your resolution for 2012. I have made the same resolution for 2012. I am a person who was always into achievement and setting goals. During 2012 I discovered that when I stopped making plans for my future I become open to whatever is coming to me. Everything becomes an oportunity for my growth. This road led me to a place that is much better that I have ever imagined of. If I had plans and goals, I would have been spending my time fighting with whatever is coming. This led me to live in the moment. I started accepting everything INCLUDING Myself. I discovered that things are perfect as they are including me! Just wanted to share that with you. Have a great year!

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