My spouse and I have a row of day lilies that bloom every summer. One of our favorite past times is sitting on the porch, hot morning drink in hand, and watching in awe as petals open to the sun. This year we planned a vacation, not realizing that it would coincide with blooming time.

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For those of you who were at the informational meeting on the upcoming trip to India, our guest was ½ hour late. It was a strange occurrence, as she gave herself 4 hours to arrive from the cities (getting stuck in downpours of rain and construction) and reported to me later that she is never

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Guru Purnima

Friday, July 15, is the holy day of Guru Purnima, the day of honoring the Guru. This holiday lands on the 1st full moon in July. Traditionally, in the Guru/Student relationship, the student gathers a bundle of sticks and offers them to the teacher. The sticks represent all the internal obstacles that keep this student

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